The way the ruling could affect future situations involving paparazzi and superstars.

On Wednesday, a federal jury ruled that l . a . County must pay Vanessa Bryant $16 million over photos of her husband Kobe Bryant’s body during the site associated with 2020 helicopter crash that killed him. Bryant’s co-plaintiff Chris Chester, whoever spouse and daughter were additionally among the nine individuals killed in the crash, had been granted $15 million.

This verdict is a triumph for privacy rights, and sends an obvious message that first responders must respect the desires of families that have lost loved ones in tragic circumstances. No body needs to have to undergo exactly what the Bryants and Chesapeake family members have gone through, and we hope that this ruling will assist you to avoid comparable invasions of privacy in the future.

1. Exactly how did the federal jury achieve their verdict in the event?

The federal jury reached their verdict in the case by thinking about the news that Vanessa Bryant ended up being granted $16 million in Kobe Bryant crash site photos test. They viewed the data that has been presented and determined that Vanessa Bryant ended up being eligible to the money.

2. How much money did the jury prize to Vanessa Bryant?

The jury awarded Vanessa Bryant $16 million into the Kobe Bryant crash site photos trial. This amount of money can help her to cover the costs regarding the funeral along with other associated expenses. It really is a substantial sum of money that can help her to move on along with her life.

Fast Summary

Even though the $16 million is a welcome relief, it cannot change that which was lost. Vanessa Bryant has said that she’ll continue to fight for justice for her husband and child, so we should all continue steadily to support her in that battle. Thank you for your time.

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