How Anthony Barr’s athleticism and versatility make him a perfect fit for the Cowboys’ defense

It’s likely that you’re wondering where Cowboys linebacker Anthony Barr fits in to the defensive scheme. The versatile player is experienced, skilled and is able to maneuver around the field are all advantages. However, how do they work in the defensive system? Read on to find out more. Also, you can read more about Micah Parsons who was named the best defensive rookie in the country.

George Edwards

The Cowboys Anthony Barr’s position as a defensive player is their biggest issue. Barr isn’t the same player in the decade of 2010 and his history of injuries should restrict his potential. Barr has experience and adds the depth of the linebacker room. Barr is yet to be officially announced by the Cowboys however, the deal could be more than $3 million in the event that certain conditions are met.

Following the loss of Micah Parsons due to injury The Cowboys needed more depth in the linebacker position. Jabril Cock who was put on the “physically incapable to play” waiting list, had to be substituted. Both players are able to perform on the same level, but they have different strengths and defensive strategies. Each player will be able to work very hard to achieve their goals.


Anthony Barr, Dallas Cowboys linebacker who will bring expertise to the already underutilized linebacker team. Barr’s ability to defend against runs has been highly regarded although he hasn’t been a part of any championships for the conference since 1995. Injury has limited his time on the field over the last few seasons. Barr recorded 72 tackles as well as 10-quarterback pressures. Barr also had three interceptions in the last game.

Barr is a good linebacker with pass-rushing potential, isn’t what he was to be one year ago. Barr weighs 255 pounds, a large linebacker with plenty of strength and speed. Barr’s physical strength and strength makes him a valuable asset for any defensive. Barr was selected by the Cowboys to fill the pass-rusher part in Quinn’s plan. But, he’s not yet decided on his role.

Mobility in the field

Barr’s agility is among his best qualities. Barr is able to move around playing field with different strategies no matter if he’s playing man or zone coverage. Barr is also able to play tight coverage since he’s fast. Barr excels at covering running backs , but he should be able to handle tight ends. The speed and agility of his game allow him to enter quick drops, and also play-by-play.

Barr was an excellent player for Dallas however the injuries have limited his capacity to perform. While he’s enjoyed an impressive career with Dallas over the past eight years, the recent injury issues have caused an effect on his performance. The player was injured last season and could miss the entire season. The team drafted him to the Cowboys in the fifth round. But, the surgery remains in the process and may hinder his participation with the Cowboys for the rest of the season.

Micah Parsons’ Impact

While it’s difficult to determine the impact of Anthony Barr’s influence on Micah Parsons’ game, it is evident that his former Viking colleague is much more efficient than he was in 2014. Parsons was awarded his first NFL Defensive Rookie of the Award last season. Parsons was also tied for the third-highest number of sacks for an rookie since 1982. Barr isn’t the only Cowboys first-round selection at linebacker. Micah Parsons, Leighton VanderEsch and Leighton VanderEsch also have options.

Between 2015 and 2018, Anthony Barr was a Pro Bowl choice every year. Barr has made 3 Pro Bowl appearances and his amazing stats will continue to be impressive until 2021/2025. Barr is an excellent choice to fill at the Dallas Cowboys’ linebacker position. Parsons was also a second-place finisher in the Defensive Player of The year in the rookie poll. Micah Parsons, who is with Anthony Barr, will have the chance to play some more crucial shots.

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This article is contributed by Guestomatic.

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