Bluetooth Specs

Below, you’ll find several specifications for the
well understood Bluetooth:

1. through the usa and even Europe,
the range of frequency is 2,400 – 2,483.5 MHZ, with
79 1-MHz RF (radio frequency) channels. The
frequency range in Japan is 2,472 to 2,497 MHz with
23 1-MHz RF channels.

2. A data channel of Bluetooth arbitrarily hops 1,600
times per second between your 79 RF channels.

3. Each Bluetooth channel is divided in to time
slots, with each one being 625 microseconds long.

4. A Bluetooth piconet has one master and up to
seven slaves. The master will send in even
time slots, even though the slaves will transfer in odd
time slots.

5. The data in one single packet could be as much as 2,745
bits in total.

6. Presently, there are two main forms of data transfer
between devices – SCO (synchronous connection
oriented) and ACL (asynchronous connectionless).

7. In a Bluetooth piconet, there might be as much as
three SCO links containing 64,000 bits per second
with each one. To simply help avoid collision and timing
problems, the links associated with the SCO will use reserved
slots create by the master.

8. A master can support up to three SCO links
with each one, two, and sometimes even three slaves.

9. The slots maybe not reserved for the SCO links can
be used for ACL links.

10. An individual master and slave can have one ACL
website link.

11. ACL is either master to one slave (indicate
point) or it broadcasts to any or all regarding the slaves.

12. The ACL slaves is only going to transmit when this has
been required by the master. If the master doesn’t
make the request, the ACL slaves will not send
anything more.

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