Bluetooth Pages

The profile found in Bluetooth will describe just how
the technology can be used. Profiles could be most readily useful
called straight slices through the protocol
stack. It’ll define choices in each protocol
which are mandatory for the profile.

The profile also define the parameter ranges
for every protocol. The concept of the profile is
used to diminish the risk of interoperability
issues involving the various items. These
pages will not generally determine any improvements to
the Bluetooth specification, and that’s why you’ll
add brand new profiles where you will need them. The
Bluetooth underlying technology may be the exact same, only
the particular method it’s utilized is defined.

Generally speaking, all pages of Bluetooth are
based on the GAP (Generic Access Profile). There
are 9 profiles that fall into the GAP category, and
these are typically below:
1. AVRCP – Audio/Video Remote Control
2. ESDP – Extensive Provider Discovery Profile
3. CIP – Common ISDN Access Profile
4. PAN – Public Region System Profile
5. HCRP – Hardcopy Cable Replacement
6. GAVDP – Generic Audio/Visual Distribution
7. A2DP – Advanced Sound Distribution Profile
8. VDP – Video Distribution Profile
9. HID – Human Interface Device Profile

To put it another way, use models will describe
Bluetooth device applications and the connected
profiles being used. The usage model focuses
mainly on three categories – voice/data access points,
peripheral interconnects, and PAN (Personal region

The sound and data access points involve linking
computing devices to communicating devices through
a wireless link. This way, information are transmitted
in an invisible manor, with no need of cables or
other types of connectivity.

PAN is another important use model with
strong appeal to company customers. Bluetooth
systems are really easy to create in virtually any type
of environment. A good example will be meeting
other people at a trade show.

In the place of having contact information beamed via
infrared, business cards can quickly and simply be
moved via Bluetooth wireless. Truth be told
that lots of papers can be exchanged this extremely
same manner – making the uses and possibilities
practically endless.

The Bluetooth profile is vital to your
specification, since it lets you do this much
more. You can make use of peripherals and products with
the profiles, and virtually whatever else that you

As Bluetooth expands and gets bigger and better,
it is possible to rely on the pages to grow and acquire
more functions. When you have experience with
Bluetooth profiles, you should know precisely what
these are typically and what you can do with them. If not,
all you need is a Bluetooth device – and a vivid

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