Bluetooth Models

Version 1.1 and early in the day
Considering that the technology of Bluetooth was introduced in
1998, several specification variations have already been
released. Versions 1.0 and 1.0B had too many issues
and issues for manufacturers to build up devices
for Bluetooth. The primary issue ended up being the lack of
interaction one of the products.

The core specification variation 1.1 is the very first
successful running form of Bluetooth. Version
1.1 corrected a majority of the insects and issues
found in earlier versions.

Version 1.2
Lots of the newer Bluetooth devices, for instance the
more recent cellular phones are now being offered utilizing the newer
Bluetooth version 1.2. This version offers backward
compatability with Bluetooth 1.1, faster transmission
speeds, received alert power, and a number
controller interface (HCI) support for 3 wire UART.

Bluetooth version 2.0
It is real that there could be numerous interaction
technologies, although they all share one popular
trait – faster is way better. Bluetooth professionals
realized this, and therefore done improving
the speeds of variation 1.2. The modern variation,
variation 2.0 EDR (Enhanced Data speed) was
accounced in 2004 and became available in late

Variation 2.0 delivers information transfer prices of up
to three times compared to the original form of
Bluetooth. Variation 2.0 also provides improved
connectivity. With Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, you are going to
manage to run more products at exactly the same time –
with an increase of effectiveness.

Computers and even computer related products are
anticipated to be some of the first products to
encorporate Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, accompanied of
course by audio and imaging products.

Variation 2.0 is backward suitable for previous
variations, 3 x faster, and offers an
enhanced data price of 2.1 MB an extra. It
provides broadcast and multicast help, along
with an additional enhanced bit error price
performance, making it top Bluetooth has
ever seen.

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