Bluetooth Definition

Bluetooth is a specification for the employment of low
power radio communications to cordless phones,
computer systems, and other network wireless products over
brief distances. The name Bluetooth is in fact
lent from Harald Bluetooth, a Denmark master
significantly more than 1,000 years ago.

The technology of Bluetooth had been mainly designed
to guide easy cordless networking of devices
and peripherals, which include cell phones, PDAs,
and wireless headsets. The cordless signals that
are sent by Bluetooth cover short distances
as high as 30 foot, generally communicating less
than 1 MPps (Mega Byte per 2nd).

The networks of Bluetooth feature powerful topology
called PAN or a piconet. The piconets contain a
minumum of two and at the most eight peer devices.
The products will communicate using protocols that
are part of the specification.

Although the Bluetooth standard will utilize
exactly the same 2.4 GHz range as 802.11b and 802.11g,
the technology is not ideal for a Wi-Fi
replacement. Compared to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
is much slower, restricted in range, and also
supports less products.

For brief range products, Bluetooth is quickly
becoming the most effective. The technology is much more popular
with cellular phones, as Bluetooth headsets would be the
way to go today. To utilize Bluetooth, your
cell phone will need to have it enabled, or an
infared unit somewhere regarding the phone.

Upcoming devices are utilizing Bluetooth aswell,
such as PS3 as well as the Nintendo Revolution. The
cordless controllers would be Bluetooth enabled,
that may provide players the leading edge.

If you own a mobile phone or other cordless unit,
you need to explore Bluetooth. The technology
is nothing short of dazzling, which makes it
something that is going to be around for years and
years into the future. As technology gets bigger and
bigger, you can expect Bluetooth to advance

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